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Bhamdoun (Arabic: بحمدون‎) is a town in Lebanon 23 kilometers (14 mi) from Beirut on the main road that leads to Damascus, lying at an altitude of 1,100 meters (3,609 ft) above the Lamartine valley. 

Two separate villages compose the town, Bhamdoun-el-mhatta (literally meaning "Bhamdoun the station") and Bhamdoun-el-day'aa ("Bhmadoun the village"). A railroad used to link Bhamdoun to Beirut with the train station being a prominent feature of the town for many years. The station and railroad were eventually abandoned when cars became more popular. 

Before the Lebanese civil war, Bhamdoun was one of Lebanon's most renowned and favorite summer resorts. Today, the town has regained some of its past touristic industry as most of its hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers have been renovated or rebuilt. Tourists, especially from the Gulf region who once knew Bhamdoun, are returning to spend their summer vacation there. Many have also purchased houses or built their own.

Bhamdoun has long been established as a prestigious summer resort for Lebanese and foreign visitors alike.

Located in the heart of the mountains and within a short driving distance of Beirut, Bhamdoun offers the perfect vacation spot for those looking for the serenity of rural life but want the bustling city close by.

BHAMDOUN, among Lebanon’s most beautiful and renown villages and festival destinations, was and still is, famous for being the meeting place of all Lebanese, Arab and International Jet set with it’s beautiful weather, generous hospitality and exquisite cuisine.

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